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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Three days in the Frying Pan

Derron and myself went to Glenwood Springs for a long weekend to hang with friends and do a little fishing in the area. Because of the warm weather, runoff was muddying the Roaring Fork and Crystal Rivers but because of the dam the Frying Pan was still alright. The weekend was hot but very windy for most part and you would think with a name like the Frying Pan the water would not be so f*^#ing cold.

We started Friday by fishing just down from the dam by the bridge. As we walked up we could see fish feeding and took this as a good sign. After fishing for a couple of hours with no luck, Derron finally catches a little Rainbow and the ice is broken. We fish for a couple of more hours with no luck and decided to move downstream. After a couple of different spots we settle on this area by some trees and pools. I start casting to a fish I can see feeding in this little pool. After a couple of near misses I finally hook a 14" Rainbow and go from totally frustrated to super excited in a second. Next I move to an area by some submerged trees and land a 11" Rainbow, to make two for the day, both in the last hour of the day. Both fish were caught on a bwo.

The next day we start in the area we finished the day before to try our luck. After about an hour with no luck and not seeing any fish feeding we decide to move to another area up stream. As we walk up we notice a bunch of fish feeding on the surface and feel pretty good about the spot. I am still throwing a bwo, but at this point it has lost all of it's wings. With a few near misses in the book I finally get my hook set and land a 13" Brown and could not be happier. I take a little break and get back out in the river with the fish still feeding. Twenty or so more casts and I hook another 11" Rainbow to officially make this a great day. Derron plugs away and finally gets a 12" Raindow to keep him from getting skunked. We call it a day at 3:30 and meet some friends for some beers.

Sunday ended up being super windy and with no luck we decided to call it a day after a couple of hours and headed home. Overall a great trip and my biggest fish so far!

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