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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

11 Mile Canyon and Big Thompson

Took our first trip up to 11 Mile Canyon this weekend. The river was extremely crowded and we ended up fishing the lower half. Started off nymphing with a braided ginger quill on top and a black beauty on the bottom. Doing a a down stream drift and pulling back every 4 or so seconds I came out with a nice 8" rainbow. Went down to a second pool and caught a good 12" one.

Sunday went up to the Big Thompson. I was not having a good day despite nabbing a small brown right off the bat. Moved up the hill a ways and came across a spot that had several fish feeding, unfortunately it was taken so went up near a bridge and made some casts, got a great big hit on a black green half back flashback. Unfortunately my hook got bent and lost the fish. went down to the pool after and found it to be open, mark and another gentleman were fishing the hole. Apperently he had been fishing here before and was not concerned with us and held the hole for us while I was upstream. I pulled two out of here on dries and mark must have had three or four with alot of top water misses by both us and the fish. We decided despite the fun we wanted a bit more sport and went downstream aways and found a a nice stretch. I had no luck but mark got a couple of hits and even managed to land one.

Over all a good weekend fishing new water. Next time we will be more familiar with the terrain and hopefully not have the wind that has plagued us most of the month.

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