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Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Best Day So Far

Went up to Clear Creek with Derron for a half day of fishing. We decided to go to the spot in Idaho Springs to start things off. As before you could see fish in the water as we walked up and knew once again we had chosen wisely.

I start fishing the good spot and Derron heads a little farther down. I begin fishing with a Light Cahill but end up getting it snagged and losing it. Pale Morning Dun size 16 and a Light Cahill size 20 are my next choices for flies(same setup I had the previous time). Not five casts into it I see the fish come up and grab the Pale Morning Dun. I set the hook and catch my first fish of the day, a little 7" brookie. With the fish released I start casting again and same thing, fish on. That made two fish in about a half hour of fishing.

I go see how Derron is doing downstream, only to find out he has had no luck. I take a little break and watch Derron fish, still no luck. Derron decides to move up to where I was, while I try a few spots down stream. I end up having no luck either and move back up stream to find out Derron has caught 2 fish, so the story goes?

I start fishing in the same area as before and not to long after, catch my third fish of the day. All have been Brook Trout and 8" or smaller, but still as many fish in one day as I have had. The Pale Morning Dun is killing it!

We decide to go to the first tunnel and give it a go for the last hour of the day. As we walk up we see a couple of fisherman who said the fish are active but not taking what they had. We fish the first calm section and work our way up. After about 20 minutes and a few misses I finally get a fish on. Once again its a small 8" Brook Trout, but it has officially made this my best day fishing so far! I move a little farther up stream and catch one more, you guessed it a 8" Brook Trout. Number five for the day and catching fish in three different spots, so pleased with myself.

I Fish for another 10 minutes with no luck and go see how Derron is doing. He has had no luck and we are both ready to call it quits for the day.

Did I mention, I CAUGHT FIVE FISH!!!!!

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