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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Grey Reef, WY April 22nd and 23rd 2011

Went to Wyoming for my first guided fishing trip. Two different guides two very different days fishing. Brian on the first day was hired out by St. Petes fly shop to guide us down the river on the first day. Although he had fished the river before he was definitely not dialed in. We began running a section of river over and over getting the lines adjusted. Brian was excellent about rowing back up the section of the river to keep on trying but no results. We then began going back down the river and trying several sections repeatedly. Got some hook ups but the tippet just kept breaking, using a Rio 4x 7lb test line. Must have broken off 15 times between Mark and I. Brian even said sometimes you get a bad roll now and again but he kept using it. I even asked to change to some 3x from a different batch and he tied the first section with the same 4x and the next two flies with the three. Didn't make any sense. So long story short.... or shorter between Mark and I we only had 4 fish that day. Probably had another 6 on but the line kept breaking. Brian seemed to be trying hard to get us onto fish and he did row his ass off but I thought he could have saved the rowing by tossing the 4x and using a different line and letting us catch fish instead of retying the rig and rowing back up for another pass. Any how a day on the river is better than at work.

The second day we were with the guide we originally wanted, he was booked for the Saturday. Theo Anest, from Colorado Skies Outfitters was a different guide altogether. Can not recommend him enough as a guide and fishing instructor.
He had us with 4 fish each before lunch with another 6-10 on. The difference, his rigs were not snapping off, so missing fish was on us and the big fish they have on the reef. Theo had also been guiding this river for almost a full month so he had the rigs and flies dialed. So with Theo guiding and us learning how to fish off a boat the afternoon was a banner day. Probably had 20-25 fish landed between Mark and I, with a ton more on but couldn't get in the boat. Fun times.
Any questions on our trip and experience using a guide will happily be answered.

First Fish of the Trip

One of my bigger ones
Hookin up 5 minutes on the river with Theo

Marks Cutthroat

Fish fight
Low Rider
Think we will throw something maybe in the shade of RED
Gotta love the bent rod

Mark and Theo with one of the last fish of the trip


  1. Looks like you had a great trip Derron! We need to get out soon.

  2. Cory any time, I am always up to go fishing. Just got back from Bear Creek, Lair of the Bear today. Got 4 in about 2 hrs of fishing