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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 3, 2011 Cache La Poudre. Epic fishing day. 18 between the two of us.

 Went up today as the weather was supposed to be 50 and 10 mph winds.  Much to our dismay the winds on the way up were in the 20mph range and to it started to snow.  Finally got up the canyon and the winds stopped but the snow was still there.  Decided to fish for a few and make it a short day.  
I landed 3 right off the bat, first two were on a stonefly and the third a red san juan.   I then promptly lost the stonefly and tied on a white body midge (scud) with a red tail I think it is called a Palimino.  Ended up with 7 more fish on that fly for the day and a total of 10.  Three of them came from the wild trout area of the Poudre.  
All in all a great day.     


Wild Trout Section of the Poudre

Brown caught on the Wild Trout section.