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Monday, June 20, 2011

Killing it at Bear Creek

Everyone decided to go to Bear Creek for the day but I started a little early and Paul started late after a bike ride.  Derron and Mark started a couple hours after me and finished a couple hours later than me.  The day was perfect as far as the weather was concerned and although there were a lot of people around, the creek was not that crowded.

I started the day off fishing with a new Unagi Universal Tenkara Rod which is a more heavy duty rod than my other one.  I tied on a Parachute Adams and started casting to a tiny little pool in the first access spot on the creek.  After two casts I think about moving on but tell myself to cast a couple more times, when on the third cast of the day I land a 8" Brown.  Could not have asked for a better start to the day!

Moving on to the next spot up stream I can see a fish feeding next to a tree and start casting to it.  After half an hour with no luck I decide to move on to the next spot, which is where we had good luck last time.  I switch to a Pale Morning Dun and try an area where I can see fish feeding.  After fifteen minutes or so I finally land another 8" Brown just in time for the family walking up to the stream to see.  Mark and Derron show up a few minutes later and start fishing the hole while I move up stream.

Over the next couple of hours I try about eight different spots catching fish in five different spots.  I was still throwing a PMD and when I caught a fish I moved on to the next spot.  All five fish were between 7" and 10" and all were brown trout.  I walked as far as the first bridge and then then walked back to find Mark and Derron still fishing at the same hole I left them at.  In the same time I caught five they caught eleven between them with Derron catching a 13" Brown on a PMD I gave him.

We decide to try down stream where we find Paul who has caught a couple fish already and try out some new areas.  I try about four different spots with no luck before I call it a day and head home with seven for the day.  Derron and Mark walk past the second bridge and find a beaver pond where they can see fish feeding and the trees have cleared out to open up a little space for easy casting.  They finish off their day by catching a few more fish each and call it a day themselves.

One of my best days of fishing so far and one of my favorite!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The bet....

Mark and Derron thought it would be fun to see if they could catch more fish (in inches) than Paul and myself.  We had decided to go to Boulder Creek for the day and started out at Rodgers Park.  Derron and Mark went to a class at Colorado Skies on how to fish Boulder Creek and picked up some flies they recommended earlier in the morning that they gave to Paul and me.  Losers owed beers! 

Mark was the first to land a fish, and they were in the lead.  Of coarse he caught it on a Black Beauty, not one of the flies they gave us!  We fish for a couple of hours with Mark landing two total and no one else having any luck and decide to move into town.

We try a spot behind the stadium and just like before Mark lands a fish, but this time on a Red San Juan Worm.  Yep, you guessed it, not a fly they gave us (cheeky bastards)!  We fish for a few hours with everyone but me catching a fish on a Red San Juan and call it a day and go have some dinner.

Mark and Derron finished with five and two fish apiece with Paul catching one and getting skunked myself on dries.  Had a great day fishing with friends and finding new places to go!