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Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 30, 2011 Bear Creek

Did a short trip to Bear Creek with Paul. Fished for about two hours and caught 4 little ones all caught on dries. One on a green body size 16 and the other three on a 18 parachute adams. Paul only got one. Then did a Mtn Bike ride around the area for about an hour. I should stick to fishing. Any how no fish porn as my camera had no juice.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Clear Creek 4-28-11

Went up to Clear Creek today with Mark for some afternoon fishing on what was a beautiful day. We started just outside Golden with no luck or any signs of fish, so we decided to drive upstream towards Idaho Springs.

As we walked up to the creek we could see fish right away and knew this was a good decision. The fish feeding, all we needed to do was figure out what they were eating. Mark ended up catching 2 for the day on I don't know what and I caught 1 little 8" brook trout on a Pre-Morning Dun. After that we had a few more bites but nothing landed and we called it a day.

Ended up being a great day of fishing with a buddy!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Grey Reef, WY April 22nd and 23rd 2011

Went to Wyoming for my first guided fishing trip. Two different guides two very different days fishing. Brian on the first day was hired out by St. Petes fly shop to guide us down the river on the first day. Although he had fished the river before he was definitely not dialed in. We began running a section of river over and over getting the lines adjusted. Brian was excellent about rowing back up the section of the river to keep on trying but no results. We then began going back down the river and trying several sections repeatedly. Got some hook ups but the tippet just kept breaking, using a Rio 4x 7lb test line. Must have broken off 15 times between Mark and I. Brian even said sometimes you get a bad roll now and again but he kept using it. I even asked to change to some 3x from a different batch and he tied the first section with the same 4x and the next two flies with the three. Didn't make any sense. So long story short.... or shorter between Mark and I we only had 4 fish that day. Probably had another 6 on but the line kept breaking. Brian seemed to be trying hard to get us onto fish and he did row his ass off but I thought he could have saved the rowing by tossing the 4x and using a different line and letting us catch fish instead of retying the rig and rowing back up for another pass. Any how a day on the river is better than at work.

The second day we were with the guide we originally wanted, he was booked for the Saturday. Theo Anest, from Colorado Skies Outfitters was a different guide altogether. Can not recommend him enough as a guide and fishing instructor.
He had us with 4 fish each before lunch with another 6-10 on. The difference, his rigs were not snapping off, so missing fish was on us and the big fish they have on the reef. Theo had also been guiding this river for almost a full month so he had the rigs and flies dialed. So with Theo guiding and us learning how to fish off a boat the afternoon was a banner day. Probably had 20-25 fish landed between Mark and I, with a ton more on but couldn't get in the boat. Fun times.
Any questions on our trip and experience using a guide will happily be answered.

First Fish of the Trip

One of my bigger ones
Hookin up 5 minutes on the river with Theo

Marks Cutthroat

Fish fight
Low Rider
Think we will throw something maybe in the shade of RED
Gotta love the bent rod

Mark and Theo with one of the last fish of the trip

Monday, April 18, 2011

Catch Big Throw Big...

Long, weekend! 3 Days of fishing, Bear Creek, Deckers and the Cache. For me 12 netted and released, Big Adams and Green Drakes worked very well, but the Stonefly got the Cache started. It was a great weekend with good friends and awesome days on the rivers.

Looking for uncharted waters leads to this. WOW!!

Bear Creek provides fun and relaxation

Looking forward to the float trip this weekend! Grey’s Reef is on tap.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bear Creek, April 15 2011

Took a half day today and went up to Bear Creek, Lair of the Bear. First time fishing the creek and had an interesting day. Bear creek is a fairly small creek maybe 10 to 15 feet wide not very deep. Lots of trees and shrubs surrounding the water. Started nymphing, as the winds were up, with a stonefly and made three or four cast before I got hung up. Switched to some dries and hit three or four runs with no luck. Decided to go to some really small flies and as I was switching out noticed one rising downstream. Eventually got the size 22 trico???? on, looked like it had a black head with a little red tail and a small white foam indicator on the top. Landed the fish after maybe 20 casts down to him. Little 7 inch brook trout. After that only got one more in late in the day 5 inch brook. The others had a bit more luck throughout the day. All in all not a bad day as the winds subsided and the fish were hitting dries. Group had a total of 8 fish for the day.

Bear Creek Late Afternoon

Kept rising, Kept Missing.

Some more successful than others.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thanks Grandpa


Poudre Canyon It’s good to know that the section I grew up fishing as a kid in the 70’s and 80’s was still the hot spot on the river. I guess I should have followed  my Grandfather more often than I did, his spot is proving to be the place to be. Larger Adams (12-14), BWO (20) and streamers were flies of the day. A few were to be had on San Juans. Even the rookie Tenkara Kid doubled his fish count late in the afternoon.

They do exist... 15" Brown

Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Day on the Poudre River, April 9, 2011

Spent another great day on the river.  Group had 15 for the day, caught with various flies,  some nymphing done ( San juans, Palamino(super fly)), some big dries thrown (parachute adams)  and even 4 landed with a woolly bugger (thin mint).  Fished a Tenkara rod for the first time and got a 12" rainbow.  Used Kevin's rod, Mark's fly and my skill.  They say I only get a third credit for the catch.   Kevin caught his three all on dries using his Tenkara rod.  Mark got five with a combo of dries and nymphing.  Derron had 7 with 2 on nymphs, one dry, and four on the woolly bugger. 

Derron and Kevin

First fish on a Tenkara for me.
Kevin casting a Tenkara rod, with the opposite hand. 

Another nice one on a my rod.
Me working it.  First time using a Tenkara rod.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 3, 2011 Cache La Poudre. Epic fishing day. 18 between the two of us.

 Went up today as the weather was supposed to be 50 and 10 mph winds.  Much to our dismay the winds on the way up were in the 20mph range and to it started to snow.  Finally got up the canyon and the winds stopped but the snow was still there.  Decided to fish for a few and make it a short day.  
I landed 3 right off the bat, first two were on a stonefly and the third a red san juan.   I then promptly lost the stonefly and tied on a white body midge (scud) with a red tail I think it is called a Palimino.  Ended up with 7 more fish on that fly for the day and a total of 10.  Three of them came from the wild trout area of the Poudre.  
All in all a great day.     


Wild Trout Section of the Poudre

Brown caught on the Wild Trout section.