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Friday, April 15, 2011

Bear Creek, April 15 2011

Took a half day today and went up to Bear Creek, Lair of the Bear. First time fishing the creek and had an interesting day. Bear creek is a fairly small creek maybe 10 to 15 feet wide not very deep. Lots of trees and shrubs surrounding the water. Started nymphing, as the winds were up, with a stonefly and made three or four cast before I got hung up. Switched to some dries and hit three or four runs with no luck. Decided to go to some really small flies and as I was switching out noticed one rising downstream. Eventually got the size 22 trico???? on, looked like it had a black head with a little red tail and a small white foam indicator on the top. Landed the fish after maybe 20 casts down to him. Little 7 inch brook trout. After that only got one more in late in the day 5 inch brook. The others had a bit more luck throughout the day. All in all not a bad day as the winds subsided and the fish were hitting dries. Group had a total of 8 fish for the day.

Bear Creek Late Afternoon

Kept rising, Kept Missing.

Some more successful than others.

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