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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

By taking him fishing...

What a great 6 weeks of fishing. Deckers, Poudre, Bear Creek, Grey Reef and Clear Creek have provided many pictures and great days on the river. Looking forward to more incredible weekends all summer long! We have a great group of friends that join Derron and I. The conversations have been great and the time remarkable. I would like to thank everyone that has gone along with us and hope that we can keep up this tradition.
Here Cutty Cutty...

I think im being watched!
Derron had a great idea of finding a river or creek to fish that we would have to mountain bike into for an hour or so then spend the day fishing and ride back out at Dusk. Enjoy the photos because I sure enjoyed the trips.
Yeah Kid, thats right, kicked ass that day!
Trout still feeding, watch your nuts!!

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